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TCB-115 ozone generator mini water sterilization with air pump build-in for water ozone parts

MIini ozone generator
Build-in air pump
Ozone output can be optional
It can be used for washing machine , dish washer ,water dispensor etc . 

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water ozone generator

with air pump build-in






How to assemble


 For water disinfection 

1. connect silicon tube to ozone air mouth

2. connect silicon tube with air stone 

3. Power on and put the air stone in the water

For air sterilizaer    

1. power on and keep it work in the bathroom for 30mins and wait another 30mins, toliet smell is gone

2. For other rooms such as book room, store room, it can remove odor, mold, rat, worms, usage is same as above

Special note

Please make sure there is no people or your pet in the room that will be ozone treated. 




How to install



the ozone generator fixed on the washer machine






Voltage: AC200-240V/AC100-130V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Size: 162*79*51mm

Max power: 8w

Ozone capacity: 50~300mg/hr, optional

N.W.: 450g

G.W.: 600g

Life time: 3,500hrs
















1. Ozone generator device with air pump build-in.

2. Make ozone water that can be used to wash clothes, which is good for protecting cloth

3. Can made into American plug or Europe plug

4. Improve comedo and other skin problems 








TCB-115 with ait stone_  


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