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TRUMPXP TCB-135 Portable Ozone Air purifier

1. Home/hospital/commercial ozone air sterilizer

2. Portable and fashionable design
3. Ozone output is adjustable
4. Timer control 

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  1. Air purification, sterilization
  2. Drive away mouse, insects, flies, etc
  3. Prevention of infectious diseases
  4. Eliminate odors
  5. Prevention kinds virus, germs, flu and etc2



Rated voltage: DC12V

Current: 1.2A


Max ozone output: 1000mg/hr

Size: 328mm*170mm*150mm



Case material: PC

Case color: gray& black



Ozone has strong oxidization, to kill germs, bacteria, virus, to remove bad smells and odor, to neutralize chemical gas.

 ozone fresh air




1. Ozone output: 100~1000mg/hr adjustable

2. Timer control: 15min/ 30 min/ 60 min/ 90 min, continuous mode

3. Hang on the wall, or place on the ground



Control panel






  1. Home use: For example, decorated house, there will have harmful gas which emitted from new furniture and paint; they are bad for our body. We can use ozone to neutralize chemical gas.  For another example, while we closed the windows for a longtime, then we open the door and come in the room, you will feel bad, smell foul air; actually, it’s due to benzene, methane and etc.
  2. School (eg. Nursery school or primary school): We can find the kids or pupils can get flu easily if someone else gets the flu. Because they are weak, and stay in a same classroom for longtime, it’s easy to be Cross-infection. If you use ozone when nobody in the room to kill flu and bacteria, refresh the air, keep air clean.
  3. Office room
  4. Hotel
  5. Hospital
  6. Cellar
  7. Public place, such as, Public Toilet




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