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TRUMPXP-150 Negative Ion Air Purifier fashion VC machine

Ion Air Purifier
Home Appliance
Help to absorb more DHA
Better sleep, better skin 

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TRUMPXP-150 bestseller VCmachine 

new design HEPA air sterlizer








2014 patented new design 












HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) style filtration, combining three layers of filter technology to purify and freshen the air in your home. Polluted air first passes through carbon Pre-Filter to capture large particles, extending the life of the filter. In the second layer, air moves through a unique, electrostatically charged HEPA style material that attracts and captures dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants. In the final layer, clean air passes through a layer of negative ion generator, reducing light odors and chemicals commonly found in the air from cleaning products, smoke, cooking, pets and various other household materials. TRUMPXP-150 ozone-safe Ionizer complements the HEPA style filter by charging particles in the air, causing them to stick together and become more easily captured. Fianally TRUMPXP-150 release pure negative ion, and people will be much benefit from the pure negative ion








Negative ion TRUMPXP-150  Features




2. 4 layers of filters, 3 working modes, low noise;
3. HEPA changing alert when 2500 hours working time;
5. health improve for children,women,old people;
6. china factory manufacture;
7. safe design in case of any wrong operation;
8. easy to operate, no screw installing;
9. 2013 new Autumn design;
10. Business gift;
11. health care product








Negative ion multi- function


  1. Improve asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  2. Reduce and/or destroy bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  3. Needed in order to take in oxygen.
  4. Counteract the effects of smoking.
  5. Help prevent respiratory-related illnesses.
  6. Help prevent migraine headaches.
  7. Natural anti-depressant.
  8. Help combat fatigue.
  9. Enhance mental performance and concentration.
  10. Enhance physical performance.
  11. Sleep aide.
  12. Aid in the treatment of burn patients.




 How to change filter, it is very easly to operate it.
















I/P: AC200~240V
Power <3.5W
Noise <45db
N.W :2.1KG
color: Green, Orange, Black
size: 29*26*32cm
ion: >8 million pcs/cc
package 34X38X34cm
G.w: 3kg